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Taxes and a Balanced Budget

Former Vice President, Joe Biden once said “Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.” The Republicans mismanagement of the state budget over the past 6 years is outrageous! It has continuously rewarded the wealthy and big business while hurting working families, students and those struggling to make ends meet. Simply put, the trickle-down economics theory that the Republicans roll out year after year does not work and never had.


Democrats believe in reforming the tax system in our state and balancing our budget. The tax dollars trusted to us must focus on creating good paying jobs, repairing our infrastructure, ensuring the safety of our cities and promote a healthy environment to live. We propose the following reforms to make this goal a reality:


  • Reduce the property taxes on homeowners

  • Cut taxes for working families and small businesses in our towns and cities

  • Reforming the commercial and corporate property tax

  • Apply a low, yet meaningful, gas tax for overdue repairs to our roads and bridges

  • Apply a low sales tax (3/8 of one-cent) to fund conservation projects which ensure our natural resources are clean and protected

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